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Bluepoint Wind

Bluepoint Wind is a 50/50 partnership between Ocean Winds (OW) and Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP). The project will be managed by OW, which is a joint venture of EDP Renewables and ENGIE.

Together, these companies have a successful track record of over 50 years of experience in development, financing, construction, and operation of renewables projects, including more than 15 years on offshore wind projects. OW develops, builds, and operates offshore wind farms in communities around the world, with a current portfolio of 15 offshore wind projects across 7 countries.

About the

Future Wind Farm

Bluepoint Wind will be building an offshore wind farm in its lease area located 38 nautical miles (nm) off the coast of New York and 53 nm off the coast of New Jersey.

At full capacity, this wind farm will be able to generate 1.7 gigawatts (GW) of clean wind energy – powering up to 900,000 homes and helping NY and NJ meet their ambitious carbon emissions reduction goals by 2030.


Our Name

The Bluepoint Wind name pays homage to the history of oysters in the coastal regions of New York and New Jersey, where oysters were once a cornerstone of local ecosystems and culture.

Regional oyster populations all but disappeared in the 20th century due to the effects of pollution and overharvesting, but community groups have recently reintroduced oysters to the region through careful habitat restoration and population management. Now, as in the past, oysters are bringing benefits to the communities of New York and New Jersey by purifying the water in coastal areas and protecting them from erosion and extreme weather events.

Bluepoint Wind carries the story of the oysters into our mission: working with communities to build long-term economic and environmental health through the cultivation of renewable energy.

About our

Lease Area

71,522 acres /
289 km2

size of lease

54.5 meters

average depth

53 nautical miles

off the New Jersey coast

38 nautical miles

off the New York coast

1.7 gigawatts (GW)

expected capacity

Project Development Considerations

Project Background and

Timeline for Development

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Project Benefits

1.7 gigawatts (GW)

of clean wind energy generated

Up to 900,000

homes powered

At least 5,658,960 MWh

of clean energy produced

5,069,245 metric tons

of CO2 emissions reduced

Thousands of well-paying new jobs

created and supply chain developed across all project phases: planning and development, construction, and operations.

Many of these new jobs will be local operations and maintenance (O&M) jobs, generating demand for qualified local contractors with spillover to retail, hospitality, and other sectors

Millions of dollars

in anticipated total economic benefits in the region

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