Information for Mariners

Fisheries Communication Plan

Bluepoint Wind is strongly committed to the responsible development of our offshore wind project and the co-use of the lease area with commercial and recreational fisheries. The Bluepoint Wind Fisheries Communication Plan (FCP) – which is required by BOEM under our lease (Section – is central to our fisheries engagement strategy and serves as the foundation for our efforts to implement best practices and build collaborative relationships with the fishing community. Bluepoint Wind has also assembled a dedicated fisheries communication team, including a Fisheries Liaison and Fisheries Industry Representative (FIR), to support these efforts.


As part of our commitment to safety and the responsible use of the ocean, Bluepoint Wind has announced site characterization activities in the lease area beginning in March 2023 and continuing throughout the year. More information can be found in our Survey Work Flyer and Mariner’s Update for Districts 1 and 5.

Loss of Gear Form

If you have experienced gear loss or damage that you believe was caused by Bluepoint Wind’s activities, please submit a Gear Loss Claim. The claim form and instructions for filing a claim can be found at the link below: