Our Commitments

Bluepoint Wind is a project by a global leader with local presence

By harnessing its experience around the world, Bluepoint Wind will focus on developing projects that adapt to the unique needs and aspirations of stakeholders in the New York Bight.

Bluepoint Wind is invested for the long-term

Bluepoint Wind will endeavor to build projects, programs, and relationships from the ground up to ensure inclusive participation for generations.

Bluepoint Wind is committed to responsible, environmentally sustainable development

Bluepoint Wind will work collaboratively to protect the marine environment, invest in research, and foster solutions.

Bluepoint Wind is dedicated to advancing social equity

Bluepoint Wind supports a Just Transition that prioritizes investments, community benefits, and workforce development in historically disadvantaged communities.

Bluepoint Wind is an innovator

Through science, technology and collaboration, Bluepoint Wind will transform challenges into opportunities to find new solutions.

Bluepoint Wind is dedicated to safety

Bluepoint Wind will prioritize a safety-first mindset at every project phase, treating our people, communities, and environment with care. Bluepoint Wind will collaborate with stakeholders, industry, and professional associations to continuously advance health and safety across the offshore wind sector.

Economic Development &

Supply Chain Development

The offshore wind supply chain is primarily located in Europe, but a domestic supply chain is rapidly developing as the US offshore wind market continues to grow. To keep investment and jobs within their states, New Jersey and New York are racing to get economic and commercial infrastructure ready, which requires massive investments for small to mid-sized companies and especially for Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and Veteran-led firms. These states are looking to OSW developers for help in funding much of this transformation, including the following areas:

Manufacture, assemble, and install large components (such as turbines, cables, foundations, and nacelles).

Provide services (such as environmental surveys and studies) directly to the developers.

Provide large manufacturers with goods or services (such as electrical components for substations or vessel operators to transport components).

The supply chain also includes companies and workers that indirectly support offshore wind projects. Bluepoint Wind is committed to supporting small- and medium-sized businesses as they seek to enter current and future offshore wind supply chains.

If you would like to register to be part of Ocean Winds’ supplier database, please click here.


Focus on Sustainability and Science

Bluepoint Wind strongly advocates for sustainability and for the protection and preservation of our natural and historic resources.

Bluepoint Wind supports the advancement of science and the study of our ocean and its complex ecosystems.

Bluepoint Wind will seek perspectives and input from all governments, communities, and stakeholders with ties to the lease area to understand their needs and find mutually beneficial solutions for a sustainable future.


Focus on Research and Innovation

Academic institutions in New York and New Jersey are conducting important research to better understand the ecosystems connected to offshore wind lease areas. They are also working to develop innovative technologies that will enhance the social, environmental, and economic benefits of offshore wind development.


Bluepoint Wind is committed to partnering with these academic institutions and supporting their initiatives to advance marine research, expand public understanding of coastal ecosystems, and improve sustainability in the offshore wind supply chain.