Offshore Wind Facts

16th May 2024

Offshore Wind Facts

Does the offshore wind industry protect marine life? ūüĆä The answer is YES!
Researchers have found that the biggest threats to marine mammals are #climatechange, vessel strikes, and entanglement in ocean debris. #Offshorewind developers are committed to protecting marine mammals and their habitats through a variety of strict #mitigation measures, including exclusion zones around vessels and trained Protected Species Observers (PSOs) who carefully monitor for marine mammals in the area.
Learn more about how offshore wind developers work with the federal government to minimize interactions with these extraordinary creatures in this Bureau of Ocean Energy Management factsheet:

Can offshore wind turbines and fisheries coexist?¬†ūüź† The answer is YES!¬†¬†
#Climatechange is a serious threat to the marine environment and fisheries, and #offshorewind farms are a clean energy resource that helps mitigate the impacts of climate change.
The photo below shows¬†ECOCEAN‘s innovative artificial fish habitats, which will be used in¬†OW Ocean Winds‘s EFGL offshore wind project in France to increase biodiversity around the project.
Find out more about how offshore wind can share space with fisheries in this American Clean Power Association (ACP) factsheet:

Can offshore wind turbines boost coastal tourism?¬†ūüŹĖ The answer is YES!¬†
Studies show that #offshorewind projects draw tourists to coastal towns, where they can learn about these projects through unique experiences such as sightseeing flights, boat tours, and viewing platforms. 
Learn more about how offshore wind can support tourism in this American Clean Power Association (ACP) factsheet:

Can wind turbines located miles offshore help uplift local economies? ūüŹô The answer is YES! 

In addition to environmental benefits, the #offshorewind industry creates new jobs and boosts local economies. Learn more about how offshore wind supports investments in communities at

And learn more about all of the benefits of offshore wind at


Can offshore wind offset the effects of #climatechange? ūüĆé The answer is YES!

Check out this synopsis of research by experts in education, climate change, and wildlife and ocean conservation here:

And learn more about all the benefits of offshore wind at


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